High Quality solid wood bed day care wood bed

- Four functions - sofa, single bed, double bed and storage solution. - You will get all-over support and comfort with the resilient foam mattress.

Product Details

Product dimensions´╝Ü

Width: 207 cm

Depth: 99 cm

Height: 74 cm

Product picture:

High Quality solid wood bed day care wood bed

Product characteristics:

1.The bed is made of fine wood. The wood we choose has many advantages, such as clear grain, low crusting, hard material and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the bed we manufacture has a very long service life and is very strong;

2.This solid wood bed has no odor, is healthy and environmentally friendly and retains the beauty and texture of solid wood.

3.The whole bed is completely straight and the material is thick. This makes the whole bed very textured and prolongs its service life;

4.Solid wood bed tail, solid wood bed legs, so it is very durable, and can reduce the production of snoring;

5.Thickened solid wood bed board allows the bed to last longer;

6.The design of the bed is very simple, so it can be well matched with a variety of furniture.

Product advantages:

1.Made of environmentally friendly materials, so it is healthy and formaldehyde free;

2.Durable and resistant to dirt and abrasion;

3.Safe, non-toxic and healthy;

4.Simple lines and beautiful design;

5.The overall structure is very stable because its design is very reasonable.