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Dresssing Table Cleaning And Maintenance

Jul 27, 2017

Dresssing Table Cleaning and maintenance

1. When cleaning and maintaining the dresser, be sure to determine whether the wipes used are clean. When cleaning or wiping the dust, be sure to turn over or replace it with a clean cloth.

2. To maintain the original brightness of the dresser, you can use cleaning and maintenance agent. Spray wax mainly for a variety of wood, polyester, paint, fire rubber and other materials, dressing table. Cleaning and maintenance agent for a variety of forest, glass, synthetic wood or the United States and other materials, dressing table, especially for mixed material dresser.

3. Care agent Usage: care spray wax and cleaning agent before use, it is best to shake it, so that the tank liquid components are completely released. So again to rub coffee table, will be able to play a very good maintenance effect. (Dresser)

1, clean and tidy

The dresser is disorganized, indicating that the owner is not good to organize the private matter, some of the main items can be stored in the dresser table

2, color selection

Dresser color will affect the fortune, usually in white, yellow is better, the specific choice should also be based on their own five elements to conditioning.

3, natural gourd decoration

Hanging in the dresser a natural gourd, not only make you more healthy and beautiful, but also better financial management, married women will make you better her husband wallet management.

All solid wood pine wood

To solid wood as the substrate, select the quality of precious pine wood for the panel, polished by a number of polished, more compressive capacity, easy to deformation cracking, durable.

Mute three sections of the slide

Selection of high-quality three-rail installation, after 50,000 pull test qualified, push and pull smooth, recommended quiet, no noise, long life, security, equipment and washing are very convenient

Engraving mold inverted mode

The latest type of furniture die mode, to make the most exquisite engravings, highlight the high-end grade.

Carpenter carved atmosphere into the gods

After layers of carved polished mold, condensed into a perfect embossed into the gods, to bring home taste

Thick countertops

4 cm thick countertops, super load-bearing, corner smooth fillet design, care of family safety.

1, dresser style

Everyone has their own different aesthetic point of view, so the appearance of the choice as long as the individual like on the line, but the dresser's appearance the best choice with paint brush, so easy to clean up, and will not penetrate into the dresser, affecting the dressing The appearance of the table. At the same time can also be based on the overall style of the room to choose the style with the dresser.

2, the mirror of the dresser

The mirror of the dresser in the selection of the time can not just just look like it can be, the dresser mirror must be folded design, so that you look in the mirror, you can see their own face of the various angles, clearly see Where is the problem of their own makeup.