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Dresssing Table Decorate A Style

Sep 04, 2017

Dresssing Table Decorate a style

In real life, every girl of beauty will choose a dresser to put her cosmetics and household products, but how to choose the dresser? I'm telling you today:

1. Dressing table style, according to the overall style of the room, choose the style of dressing table.

If your room decorates a style to be rural style, can choose bucolic dresser; If be Chinese style decorate a style, can choose Chinese style dresser; If be European style decorate a style, can choose our shandong dressing table to produce manufacturer European style dressing table 2. Dresser mirror

The mirror must be folded so that when you look in the mirror, you can see the angles of your face and see clearly where you look

3. Environmental protection

When we buy a dresser, must see the quality certificate of dresser, see plank formaldehyde content and quality, it is best to close to dresser smell, look to whether have pungent odour, if so, you'd better not to buy; When formaldehyde reaches a certain concentration, people have a sense of discomfort. Formaldehyde concentrations greater than 0.08 m3 can cause eye irritation, itching, throat discomfort or pain, hoarseness, sneezing, chest tightness, asthma, and dermatitis. Different characters choose different dressing table

Dresser always let a person think of a small woman to the vitreous yellow picture, now it has become the most attractive adornment in the household. As the saying goes: "smell the woman", in fact the dresser also can know women. (dresser)

1, to advocate ego, like casual modern woman, she will prefer independent dressing table, because independent dresser is more flexible and optional, adornment effect is often more outstanding. You may not have imagined that women's cosmetics could be linked to the aroma of the book, but some of them did not forget to hold Eileen chang's novels while they were painting their makeup.

The mirror of the middle drawer of this dressing table can be left behind, and the wallpaper is made into a flat table, which can be used as a desk. The combination of big chest and dresser, elegant, steady shape, heavy color make it a kind of French style, with mysterious and romantic atmosphere. The warm tone of the log, the natural pattern presented by the manly ring of the year, containing the rustic elegance, embodies the designer's pursuit of the perfect design philosophy.

2. For women who prefer a european-style home, there is an imitation of European classic dressing table for them. This kind of dresser general structure is concise, the mesa is made of marble, above if put on some of contemporary extremely strong small accessories, can small family can match the bedroom feelings that make a person linger.