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Dresssing Table Distinguish By Function

Oct 27, 2017

Dresssing Table Distinguish by function

The dresser is designed for cosmetic beauty, not necessarily a ladies' specialty, and of course a woman's furniture. In the furniture market, the shape of the dresser can be described as different styles, chic exquisite, round, square, long, oval, geometric mirror, streamer splendor. It is not just a dressing beauty tool platform, or furniture decoration in a scenic spot in the room space has an important decorative effect.

Dressing table is generally composed of makeup mirror, dressing table, dressing cabinet, dressing chair, makeup mirror composition. Mirrors are large and small, different shapes, can make the dressers clearly from all angles to see their own face. Dedicated lighting fixtures, usually installed on both sides of the mirror, allows the light to be evenly illuminated in the human face. Also installed in the top of the mirror, but the effect is not necessarily the best. The place of the dresser is placed on the side of the bedroom, and its ideal position is the corner of the bed left and right, but not the whole of the bed. Do not be on the bed, in short, can not see the bed from the mirror scene as well.

If your bedroom is small, there are also omitted the dresser, and the dresser dressing tool in the toilet corner of the place, but after all, is a last resort, there is a dedicated dresser or a lot of convenience, a lot of practical. Dressers in various forms, according to the functional distinction has the following types:

1. Bedside cabinet type: generally with the bed together into one, the overall sense of strong. Dressing table and do bedside cabinets, saving area.

2. Combination: a combination of high and low combination of two. High combination of dressing table design in the combination cabinet, possession of a small unit; low combination of the general dresser and low cabinet connected to the level of patchwork, strong decorative.

3. Writing desk type: both at the same time dressing table and writing function, suitable for more than 2 people at the same time learning, writing the family.

4. Even bed: connected with the bed layout, in the design should strive to harmony with the bed and unified.

5. Combination cabinet type: located in the combination cabinet, itself does not occupy too much space, suitable for small area room use.

6. Single point: including the corner, that is, the use of corner space settings. One word, that is, a body by a wall. This type of shape can be combined with other forms of furniture, but also unique, in modeling can have a greater breakthrough.

With the progress of the times, coupled with the fact that China's housing is usually not very spacious actual situation, dresser is not just a dress for the beauty of furniture, often also both writing desk, bedside cabinet, side a few other furniture functions, The role of the dresser in the bedroom furniture is also self-evident.