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Dresssing Table More Style

Aug 25, 2017

Dresssing Table More style

1. When cleaning and maintaining the dresser, be sure to determine whether the wipes used are clean. When cleaning or wiping the dust, be sure to turn over or replace it with a clean cloth.

2. To maintain the original brightness of the dresser, you can use cleaning and maintenance agent. Spray wax mainly for a variety of wood, polyester, paint, fire rubber and other materials, dressing table. Cleaning and maintenance agent for a variety of forest, glass, synthetic wood or the United States and other materials, dressing table, especially for mixed material dresser.

3. Care agent Usage: care spray wax and cleaning agent before use, it is best to shake it, so that the tank liquid components are completely released. So again to rub coffee table, will be able to play a very good maintenance effect.

1, dresser style

Dresser style more, European and American style, Chinese style, classical style. Carved design, and the overall framework will be different.

2, the mirror of the dresser

The mirror material is intact, clarity is simply, there is no place to blur ghosting. Frame edge and mirror is compact, there is no loose phenomenon.

3, check the quality of the dresser

The dresser looks at the formaldehyde content and quality of the sheet, and the quality of the paint.

1, in the air when the wet, do not go to the window breathable, should be closed windows, especially south and southeast windows, as well as the highest air humidity is in the morning and evening hours. If you feel the indoor air can not flow, you can in the noon and afternoon time to open for a while door;

2, you can use the absorbent box and absorbent bag to dry the room

Absorbent box for wardrobe, shoe moisture, generally containing calcium chloride particles, most also added the essence, so set dehumidification, aroma, anti-mildew, deodorant and other functions in one. The use of absorbent bags is wider, in addition to dry clothing, but also on leather goods, books, cameras, computers, discs and other dehumidification. If placed in a closed space, the effect will be very good;

3, with the newspaper anti-mildew method

  This approach applies to confined small space, such as wardrobe, shoe and so on. As at the bottom of the wardrobe, the inside of the cabinet can be covered with newspapers, it can not only absorb moisture, and the smell of ink on the newspaper can also insect repellent. But also in the wet shoes filled with newspapers, in the absorption of water at the same time can keep the shoes are not deformed;

4, with charcoal dehumidification method

  Charcoal dehumidification is now the most popular moisture-proof way. Can be black wood charcoal in advance to boil for 10 minutes, filter out moisture, ventilated dry, put two days later placed in a breathable basket, placed in the room diagonal position can be. Each room put 5 - 10 / KG or so. Charcoal price costs will be cheaper, and can be reused after the dry, this method is more affordable.