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Dresssing Table Regularly Clean Up Expired Products

Jul 01, 2017

Dresssing Table Regularly clean up expired products

New Year's season, is not that the lack of the most suitable one on the dressing table! In fact, women's dressing table and wardrobe, always prone to beautiful tangled. Why not take advantage of the New Year good times, the dresser to clean up, empty the lost, planning the left, and then do the purchase plan, in order to accurately love the old love.

Make-up skin care on the everybody

Bathroom doubles as a dressing table

If the bathroom is large enough to be transparent, you can use the daily skin care products are placed in the bathroom, including body care products. Spacious and refreshing mirror, bright lighting, as well as just a good bath of the skin state, can make you one by one in the bathroom to solve a full set of maintenance.

According to the function of the baby classification

In addition to the moment is the use of the East, the other baby can be cleaned up after admission. First to prepare two different colors or patterns of different storage box, a loaded makeup, another fitted with skin care products; followed by a note on the box, the box all the baby's name and shelf life are written on, so ready to use The

1. skin care products: first with cotton dipped in alcohol, the cap and the edge of the mouth wipe clean. This can not only disinfect, but also can easily breed the mouth of the oil and wax quality of the wine thoroughly clean. And then use the tape to seal the bottle, to prevent the liquid evaporated dry.

2. lipstick: with a clean tissue paper will be touched with the lip part of the gently wipe away a layer, you can put up.

3. eye shadow, blush, powder and other box-like makeup: first with a clean cotton paddle, will be used, dirty powder erase, and then dip cotton dipped in alcohol, the powder box shell, edge, mirror wipe again , And then open the place where the sun is not direct, air circulation 5 minutes, can be put up to build up.

Timely to lose weight to the dressing table

Regularly clean up expired products

1. Mascara: as long as the use of open, life only about 3 to 6 months, because the pull into the frequent pull out, a lot of air will make the cream dry, with up there will be agglomeration, fly legs and other issues. You can have to dry mascara, used to make eyebrow cream, the effect is good.

2. eye shadow, blush, powder and other box-like cosmetics: the use of a long period of time, as long as the preservation of properly two or three years no problem. If it has been agglomerated or discolored to be thrown away, it is because the blush damp or oxidation has led to deterioration.

3. Emulsion, cream and other cream skin care products: If you have smeared some stiff, or difficult to push push evenly, it shows that the product has deteriorated, it quickly throw away it. Even in the face did not appear allergic phenomenon, there is no maintenance effect.