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Dresssing Table The Quality Of The Dresser

Aug 10, 2017

Dresssing Table The quality of the dresser

Dresser's buying tips:

First, the dresser style

     Everyone has their own different aesthetic point of view, so the appearance of the choice as long as the individual like on the line, but the dresser's appearance the best choice with paint brush, so easy to clean up, and will not penetrate into the dresser, affecting the dressing The appearance of the table. At the same time can also be based on the overall style of the room to choose the style with the dresser.

Second, the mirror of the dresser

    The mirror of the dresser in the selection of the time can not just just look like it can be, the dresser mirror must be folded design, so that you look in the mirror, you can see their own face of the various angles, clearly see Where is the problem of their own makeup.

Third, check the quality of the dresser

Dressers are mostly made of man-made sheet, the owner in the selection of the quality of the certificate to see them, look at the formaldehyde content and quality of the plate, it is best to lean on the dresser to see if there is pungent smell, if any, the best Do not buy.

For women, the dresser is essential to the love of things. Home less a dresser, the feeling of women like a little like the necessities of life. With the words "no ugly woman, only lazy woman", more proof of a woman in the dressing time spent on the energy, it can be seen, the dresser is not a dispensable thing. However, there are many styles of dresser, Chinese style, Western style. Different styles, different materials, the color is different. Different styles of dressing table implies the different characteristics of women, but the dresser placed, there is a corresponding stress.

In general, the dresser will be placed in the bedroom. But the specific dresser placement is not the same. Different placement has a different psychological implied role. Placed in close proximity to the bed is conducive to sleep. The bedroom is the most comfortable and most desirable room for everyone. Because into the bedroom on the natural sleep, naturally let yourself back to the most relaxed state, that the bedroom is self-relaxation place. Night bath, after a simple smear, tapping skin care products, to its full absorption, when the skin has been fully enjoy and absorb their own nutrients.

Regularly clean up expired products

1. Mascara: as long as the use of open, life is only about 3 to 6 months, because the pull into the frequent pull out, a lot of air will make the cream dry, with up there will be caking, flies and other issues. You can have to dry mascara, used to make eyebrow cream, the effect is good.

2. eye shadow, blush, powder and other box-shaped makeup: the use of a long period of time, as long as the preservation of properly two or three years no problem. If it has been agglomerated or discolored to be thrown away, it is because the blush damp or oxidation has led to deterioration.