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Wooden Bed Hardwood Strong

Sep 04, 2017

Wooden Bed Hardwood strong

Solid wood bed is commonly divided hard wood and cork, hard wood can be good for several decades or life; The former cost performance is high, the hard wood cent fine grain and coarse grain, only elm wood is coarse grain, if be knead paint and brush lacquer.

The fine grained wood is exquisite and soft, like the girl's hand caresses you, has the taste. And cork ratio is not high, not equal to hardwood, cut a nail or screw or iron, wood splitting with long pull nails in love, if love insects is pine, white pine is one of the most time, love and if it is a Korean pine love pine oil, cannot be used for life;

If it is basswood is good, can brush bright paint or brush paint or spray paint, color is bright and round, raise eye, be more expensive than pine wood. We should pay attention when we buy. Tips for buying.

1. Determine the origin of solid wood bed manufacturers

There is an old saying that "the real wood is not the Yangtze river", which means that when the solid wood beds are made in the south, the water content of the climate will be affected by the climate, so it is easy to crack, deformation and so on. So when you buy, look at the place of origin.

2. Observe whether the wood is defective

The defects of wooden defect solid wood: crack, scar, insect eye, mildew crack: nature cannot buy. Scar: if there is a scar positive, also have the same position on the back scar and the scar is basically fast knot, time grew, will fall, so have the furniture of this kind of defect is absolutely can't buy. Real wood as the name suggests is the main part of bed except decoration and accessories, the rest in wooden materials such as wood and man-made board made of a bed, in the era of the environmental protection conform to the mainstream, so the market demand is very big, but we want to rational choice of real wood, the following is the small make up to you to introduce how to check the real wood!

We consumers can see the bed when choosing appropriate position corresponds to the scar and pattern, the first look at the outside of the bed body a kind of decorative pattern, then look at the corresponding position on the back of the corresponding pattern, if good to deserve, is a pure real wood; Then look at the side of the side of the bed, and see if there is a pattern on the other side. Finally, see whether the solid wood has the color difference, the real wood surface usually has the chromatic aberration. With the continuous improvement of our living standard of solid wood factory production of solid wood requirements also more and more high, although we often use solid wood, but we don't know of solid-wood cleaning method, let below small make up to you to introduce the cleaning method of real wood!

1. Dust removal: remove dust often, since dust will rub the surface of solid wood furniture every day.

2, cleaning: in order to remove the furniture surface consists of the pollutants in the air, when cooking of the lampblack, the operation of stains and marks, as a result of the residue of glazing, we recommend the use of special furniture cleaner.

3. Waxing: in addition to the regular dust removal, the surface of the wooden furniture also needs to be further maintained by wax to enhance the aesthetic feeling of the exterior.

Water marks: water marks usually take a while to disappear. If it is still visible after a month, please use a small piece of clean soft cloth with a small amount of salad oil or mayonnaise to wipe the grain in the direction of the water mark.

5, scratch: if the furniture paint scratches, not touch wood lacquer, furniture can be used with the same color crayons or in the wound of furniture paint, to cover exposed background, and then use thin transparent nail polish is coated with a layer of can.