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Wooden Bed Health And Environmental Protection

Oct 27, 2017

Wooden Bed Health and Environmental Protection

The difference between solid wood furniture bed and iron bed

The world set off a Dalian solid wood furniture Oriental boom, so that the Chinese style into the Western style. Of course, live in a modern full of living room, once the Chinese furniture into the family, it is inevitable a bit out of tune. So, how to make the perfect combination of Chinese and modern, it becomes a point. In the case of

Sofa and chair stool - stylish and exquisite modern sofa, in the living room appears full of flavor. Two pairs of pairs of chairs or official hat chairs, the same can also be peaceful coexistence with the Western-style sofa, not only to create a unique oriental style, but also very practical function. In the restaurant, four to eight single-hand chairs without handrails can be arranged with the restaurant to form a very Chinese-style dining area, while the square or round chairs and because of the convenience of moving, you can also serve as a coffee table. Window and the screen - the modern people no longer use the window grilles and door pieces to decorate the home, cheap fabric use makes the room beautiful and generous, but the beautifully beautifully windowmaker pieces can also be used as a small window or a large number of wall decoration, While easy to create a visual focus effect. Chinese-style screen is beautiful and elegant, if the same as the space interval no matter how good. Flowers and coffee table - ancient times are pairs of pairs of symmetrical beauty, modern of course do not pay attention to these. Choose exquisite workmanship, exquisite pattern of flowers and coffee table, practicality is also very strong. In the case of

The difference between solid wood bed and iron bed

The two beds are the most easily distinguishable areas of course. Solid wood bed with the traditional characteristics of solid wood furniture, not only healthy and environmentally friendly, and durable, and its natural wood color is also popular with the crowd. Iron bed has a solid frame structure, in the degree of durability with its comparable.

Modeling style

Solid wood bed general modeling classical elegance, hi of the forest furniture, excellent solid wood furniture with modern design concept of solid wood bed is the combination of classical and modern perfect together, to bring every user in the relaxed feelings of nature. Its surface is exposed to the natural pattern is showing high-grade visual effects. Iron bed modern steel frame in the design also has a considerable space, changing shape, fashion design, unique sense of the line often bring more strong modern beauty, style is more modern.

Functional and practical

Solid wood bed is often used in the design of high box, under the mattress has a relatively spacious storage space for the small size of the majority of modern people, with such a solid wood furniture can bring the ultimate enjoyment, improve the quality of life , But also has a very high practical value, called perfect. The iron bed because of its frame restrictions generally can not have such a storage space, the practicality is somewhat lacking.

Long-term direct sunlight is easy to make the wood within the water out of balance, resulting in cracks. At the same time to maintain 40% of the ideal humidity, if long-term in the air-conditioned room, should be next to the cup of water, or with a humidifier, but also to avoid frequent air conditioning switch, resulting in excessive temperature changes. Do not usually overheated items directly on the furniture, but also careful not to stain the volatile liquid, will damage the furniture surface paint and wax. Usually wipe with a soft cotton or a good elastic brush, metal brush and bristles brush. Not every three months last time wax, not because of the beautiful and more wax, this will block the pores of the wood.