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Wooden Bed Hedging Function

Aug 25, 2017

Wooden Bed Hedging function

1. Natural environmental protection, which is the biggest feature of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture in the processing of the production process, and those wood-based panels compared to the use of plastic is relatively small. The amount of plastic with the impact of the environmental impact of the level of furniture. And solid wood furniture are used in natural wood, so that more environmentally friendly.

2. Solid wood furniture with hedging function. At the same time to bring the home environment to bring the "wood gas", which is popular in the high-end consumers welcome. Its advantage is to reflect the natural: natural texture, changing shape, the furniture surface can generally see the beautiful wood pattern.

3. Long life, usually about 5 times the other plate furniture, can use 15 years to 20 years or so.

The first is pine furniture

First of all, pine furniture such as pine bed, pine bedside cabinets, pine wardrobe, etc., pine wood furniture used mostly pine wood color, natural color, to maintain the natural qualities of pine, texture clear and beautiful, this is on the pine wood, on the other hand Xin Gui Ming solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture modeling simple and generous, full of smooth lines, filling a good texture, practical, durable, is the home of the best choice for life. Finally, we Xin Guiming in the pine furniture production process for the processing of pine wood, flexible and breathable, good thermal conductivity and maintenance of simple pine furniture selection, design and manufacture of pine coniferous forest species. Pine growth cycle is long, fine rounds, the texture of wood flexible, low oil content of trees, and its own distribution of yin and yang evenly. In addition to these advantages of the material itself, the furniture factory for the dryness of the material control is very strict, requiring water content of not more than 10%, put into production all the materials are stored in the wet warehouse.

Second, oak furniture

The red oak wood in the oak furniture has a distinctive mountain grain, and the touch surface has a good texture; the wood material and pattern are clearly different from pine and beech, and the shaped red oak furniture looks great The Followed by red oak furniture, solid texture, finished product structure firm, long life; high grade, suitable for the production of European furniture, the general style looks steady atmosphere. Oak texture fine, pipe holes have more intrusion, not easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, strength, Europe and the United States to use it to store red wine.