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Wooden Bed How To Choose

Jul 01, 2017

Wooden Bed How to choose

How to choose editors

Look material

Solid wood has a lot of material, different materials, solid wood bed prices are very different, because ordinary consumers is difficult to distinguish between solid wood in the end what kind of material, experts tell you a simple way to identify, see the hardness of wood and wood, wood The higher the hardness, the more beautiful wood, the more precious the material, the higher the price.

Check the solid wood

When the selection of consumers can look at the corresponding location of the pattern and scar junction is the corresponding, look at the bed outside the body of a pattern, look at the corresponding position on the back of the corresponding pattern, if the corresponding well, it is pure wood; And then look at the side of the bed side of the scissors of the side of the location, and then on the other side to find whether there is a corresponding pattern; Finally see whether the solid wood color, the real solid wood surface are generally color.

Look at the details

See whether the solid wood cracking, scarring, insect eyes, mildew, as long as there are several cases, they will not buy.

Check the frame

Good solid wood bed, are used to connect the tongue and groove, etc., in the local bearing a relatively large place, but also the use of screws and protection blocks, etc. reinforcement. Consumers in the selection if you see a solid wood bed as a whole is only fixed with screws, it is best not to buy. Consumers can sit in bed hard jump a few times, look at the bed will appear creaky voice, if there is, it is best not to buy.


To see if there is a stimulating smell, if there is irritating smell, it is likely that the surface of the solid wood bed brush paint containing formaldehyde excess, encountered this situation do not buy, this will have a great harm to the body.

Seeking tips

Need size

Measure the size of their own room size, clear how much need for their own solid wood bed. General market size is 1.2 meters * 2 meters, 1.5 meters * 2 meters and 1.8 meters * 2 meters bed. If you need other sizes, you can ask manufacturers to build.

Need material

The main cost of solid wood bed is the price of solid wood raw materials, the more precious materials used, made the bed price is also higher. There is no professional knowledge of consumers, you can grasp such a principle, the higher the hardness of wood, the more beautiful wood, usually the higher the price. Rare wood with rosewood, yellow rosewood, Phoebe, etc., these wood is a high-grade Chinese classical furniture common timber, the market has been difficult to find. More expensive wood has teak, sour wood, rosewood, chicken wing wood, pineapple grid, ebony, beech, maple, red sandalwood, oak and so on. Other more common wood with rubber wood, ash, Liu, pine, fir, Paulownia, elm, oak and so on.

Look at the surface

Many solid wood beds on the market are under the guise of solid wood, the interior is actually sheet metal, outside the paste veneer sheet bed. This can be checked from the surface texture. The surface texture is natural, irregular, especially the surface of the wood scar, must be solid wood.

Surface paint

Solid wood furniture is the biggest advantage is no plate furniture, formaldehyde, so solid wood furniture is environmentally friendly, the most important thing is to check it used the paint. Ask the manufacturer for a clear paint brand, go online to see if the paint is environmentally friendly paint; or directly check the relevant environmental protection department of the product inspection certificate.

Warranty Card

Although the solid wood bed is very strong, generally there will be no quality problems, but to ensure that our legitimate rights and interests, must require products warranty card. In this case, if there is a problem, the warranty is evidence.

Finally, hope that we can buy the favorite, genuine solid wood bed. Solid wood bed, although durable, but also built on the basis of careful care, so after buying the furniture to the home, you need to learn some maintenance-related knowledge, so that our furniture to maintain the best state.