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Wooden Bed In The Choice Of Material

Aug 10, 2017

Wooden Bed In the choice of material

First, look at the material of solid wood

Solid wood has a lot of different materials, different materials, solid wood bed prices are very different, because ordinary consumers is difficult to distinguish between solid wood in the end what kind of material, cool experts to tell you a simple way to identify the wood hardness and wood Pattern, the higher the hardness of wood, the more beautiful wood, the more precious the material, the higher the price.

Second, check whether the solid wood bed is solid wood

When the selection of consumers can look at the corresponding location of the pattern and scar junction is the corresponding, look at the bed outside the body of a pattern, look at the corresponding position on the back of the corresponding pattern, if the corresponding well, it is pure wood; And then look at the side of the bed side of the side of the location of the scar, and then on the other side to find whether there is a corresponding pattern; finally look at whether the color of solid wood, the real solid wood surface are generally poor color. Third, see whether the solid wood cracking, scarring, insect eyes, mildew, as long as there are several cases, they will not buy.

Fourth, check the bed frame to see if it is firm.

Good solid wood bed, are used to connect the tongue and groove, etc., in the local bearing a relatively large place, but also the use of screws and protection blocks, etc. reinforcement. Consumers in the selection if you see a solid wood bed as a whole is only fixed with screws, it is best not to buy. Consumers can sit in bed hard to jump a few times, look at the bed will appear creaky voice, if there is, it is best not to buy.

Five, smell the color of the solid wood bed to see if there is irritating smell, if there is irritating smell, it is likely that the surface of the solid wood bed brushing paint containing formaldehyde excess, encountered this situation do not buy, this will produce the body Great harm.

1, natural, environmentally friendly, healthy solid wood furniture revealed natural and original beauty. Solid wood furniture is so long, from the color analysis, lies in its natural wood color. Wood furniture, both natural and no chemical pollution, which is really healthy fashion choice, in line with modern urban people advocating the psychological needs of nature.

100% pure solid wood furniture followed by the choice of materials to domestic solid wood furniture, for example, the main types are: walnut wood, beech, teak, maple, oak, oak, ash, elm, Wood, pine, etc., of which walnut Catalpa wood, ash, beech, oak is the most expensive. These materials come from nature, reflecting the harmonious relationship between man and the environment, designers love to use these materials, then add people-oriented, natural-based modern design concept, it is more able to draw people and materials, people and nature Distance, giving a sense of intimacy.