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Wooden Bed Natural Wood

Sep 15, 2017

Wooden Bed Natural wood

What makes the solid wood furniture so popular

    Solid wood furniture is made of natural wood furniture, furniture, the surface can generally see the texture of wood. At present there are two kinds of solid wood furniture on the market, one is wood furniture, furniture, all the timber is pure wood, including the desktop, the cabinet door, side panels are made of pure solid wood, do not use any other wood-based panels or Density board stickers. The other is the imitation of solid wood furniture, that is, from the appearance of wood natural texture, feel and color and solid wood furniture exactly the same, but in fact there is a combination of solid wood and wood-based panel furniture, such as side panels, shelves and so on Veneer veneer or medium density fibreboard, doors and drawers are made of solid wood stickers. In recent years, solid wood furniture more and more popular, in addition to people and the sense of change there is a relationship, mainly solid wood furniture itself advantage.

Brand solid wood furniture advantages

First, the natural environmental protection, which is the biggest feature of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture in the processing of the production process, and those of wood-based panel furniture, compared with the amount of glue is quite small. The amount of plastic with the impact of the environmental impact of the level of furniture. And solid wood furniture are used in natural wood, so that more environmentally friendly.

Second, pure solid wood furniture hedge function. At the same time to bring the home environment to bring the "forest atmosphere", which is popular in the high-end consumers welcome. Its advantage is to reflect the natural: natural texture, changing shape, the furniture surface can generally see the beautiful wood pattern

Three. Long life, usually about 9 times the other plate furniture, can use 20 to 30 years or so, save the good or even longer. (For example: before the old furniture used for hundreds of years have)

Fourth, the solid wood puzzle paint, the surface is not Patchwork and slats of the uneven phenomenon, which is everyone's misunderstanding, it refers to the section of the eight slot cards are solid. But also in the long-term use of the physical properties of the very good. So in the use and texture of color, pure solid wood puzzle decorative plate is more suitable for the use of furniture and decorative features.

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    In the damp weather, not only our body will be affected, the brand of solid wood furniture is the same. Solid wood furniture is easy to damp, especially now Dali has entered the Futian, wet and hot, furniture, if not properly cured, it is easy to mold, thereby reducing the life of furniture. Here to talk about how to maintain a good environment in the wet wood solid wood furniture.

    Today, many brands of solid wood furniture in the factory after a rigorous drying process, but this does not mean that can not be moisture. To deal with solid wood furniture on the water droplets, can be dipped in a dry cloth on a little solid wood cleaning agents, such cleaning agents can be formed in the solid wood furniture, a layer of protective film, a certain degree of organization of water vapor penetration.

    Brand solid wood furniture after the moisture is easy to swell moldy. In this situation may wish to put a place in the musty of soap, or the dried tea leaves into the gauze bag into the help to eliminate the musty. Second, in peacetime, but also to the furniture coated with a thin layer of high-quality light wax, like wiping the same leather gently wipe out the shiny. This did not only keep the solid wood furniture, but also increased its light.