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Wooden Bed Pick Five Pieces Of Solid Wood Furniture

Jul 27, 2017

Wooden Bed Pick five pieces of solid wood furniture

Pick five pieces of solid wood furniture

1. Select the details can not be ignored

Tree is very important

First of all to determine what solid wood furniture, because it is the impact of commodity quality and price of the key factors. Solid wood furniture usually use beech, white oak, ash, elm, catalpa wood, rubber wood, oak, and mahogany furniture, the first choice of rosewood, chicken wings, rosewood. Consumers are best to buy brand-name goods, so that both to ensure the quality of goods, but also to enjoy the excellent service.

Texture should be common

Determine whether the furniture is really a solid wood invention, a little trick is to investigate the grain and knots. If a wardrobe of the closet, the appearance looks like a markings, then correspond to the direction of this markings change, see the opposite side of the door of the corresponding markings, if the mark together is marked as a solid wooden door, and vice versa there is hypocrisy. Similarly, when investigating the scar, see the door of the two scars is not corresponding.

Wood should be excellent

The primary force of the furniture, such as the column, connecting the column between the load bar on the ground, should not have large knots or cracks. Construction of robust, the structure may not be loose, do not allow broken tenon, broken material. Furniture on the selection of wood-based panel components should be implemented edge processing, a variety of accessories to install less pieces, missing nails, through nails. Together open the furniture door, drawer, investigate the wood is not boring, texture is not tight, delicate, is not a pungent smell.

Hardware to be stable

Check the furniture function, depends on the drawer is not robust and robust, in the internal is not tightening the screw. Should also pull the drawer, the activities of the desktop, the doors and so on some to ensure that ease, and accurate connection.

All to be beautiful

Solid wood furniture to have security and stability, when the two doors open 90 degrees, the hand gently pull forward to ensure that the cabinet can not take the initiative to tilt forward, with the light of the furniture or the upper corner of the ride On the side, try the furniture is not robust. In addition to hand touch the appearance of furniture, carefully check the appearance is not smooth, especially to check the feet and other parts are not rough, paint is not uniform and so on.

2. Purchasing furniture often spend some mistakes

First refurbished to buy furniture again

Should look at the furniture, after the furniture according to the individuality of the decoration, so and planners are also more simple exchange, planners based on the owners of the furniture personality personality scale, custom decoration and some power and switch the position, so loaded out Role and furniture more co-ordination, furniture, display scale, and more reasonable.

Eccentric thick and thick

Thick and heavy furniture on the store watching the atmosphere, but the family space is small, put on such a very short furniture. Furniture is to meet the needs of the day and improve the quality of the day, the invention of a warm and comfortable home, let the day we relax, release the pressure. Stupid furniture can not give us to bring these, can only give us Tim block.