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Wooden Bed Solid Wood Customization Is The Industry Trend

Jul 13, 2017

Wooden Bed Solid wood customization is the industry trend

In recent years, custom bedroom furniture brand in the industry's rapid growth, it is its personalized and tailored features such as instant capture the consumer's "heart", for the furniture business, with custom furniture in the industry against the market rise, Has become a new growth point of consumption, the future development of a huge space. This is a new industry, is to provide consumers and customers with a whole set of home improvement solid wood products, the overall solution. Bedroom furniture custom is based on material, color, style as the main line, through the home improvement design, product design (kitchen bathroom, inner door, floor, etc.), furniture design and all other design links, in order to achieve from design and development to the product and then to the construction, From architecture, decoration to the product of the system of personalized customization of the overall home solutions.

Custom bedroom furniture to the decoration to bring convenience: First, the unity of material style, a person to achieve his ideal home, must be designed to solve this problem of unity, is the overall design. Solid wood customization in the country has a long history, solid wood customization in China is mainly reflected in the Chinese decoration, along with the domestic high-end decoration more and more, more and more close to the international fashion style, the idea is more and more open , Consumption level and consumption habits are more and more with the international standards, the Chinese people from the earliest with the workers made to the current solid wood custom factory customization, indicating that the Chinese people a consumer demand upgrade, solid wood customization is the future decoration industry A mainstream trend.

Solid wood customization is the industry trend, but there is no industry standard. Industry customization concept of solid wood, the real professional to do custom products only a few, there are only a few foreign markets and large-scale projects, and now advocate to do the basic brand of solid wood are made before the wooden doors, cabinets, wood Flooring, stairs, furniture and other manufacturers to do after the extension of the product, the quality of good and bad, and other solid wood custom design concept, process structure, supporting technology is still not mature, are gradually improving.

 Solid wood custom home improvement is a relatively complex product of the industry, covering a larger range, and professional manufacturers than the amateur manufacturers product extension line to be long, and the product is fully equipped. Do solid wood custom decoration design must keep up with this than the production of products is also important, if not in this design problem, then the professional solid wood custom decoration manufacturers will not be on this project, only this well, the next order It is important to have little or no error. Solid wood custom home improvement are high-end customers, if there are too many problems, then easily lead to considerable disputes. Everyone probably want their own thing is the best, and in the choice of brand solid wood furniture, all hope that they can use the least money, choose their own brand of solid wood furniture products. Xiaobian to teach consumers to identify the market for the next trick.

The market is more common "false pure solid wood" approach has three categories. The first category is the most common: in the furniture surface paste a layer of solid wood paste, from the surface and pure solid wood furniture is very similar, but the service life is shorter than solid wood furniture. This is one of the most common forgery methods, and it is relatively easy to identify. Because it is veneer, furniture surface grain clear but irregular, furniture, the texture of the front and back can not correspond. Consumers at the time of purchase, as long as careful observation, you can easily distinguish it.

The second type of practice is to be processed by the deep processing of solid wood pieces stitched from the "finger plate" as a solid wood furniture substrate, and then in the appearance of solid wood paste, more deceptive. Some businessmen name the name of a precious wood furniture, selling the so-called pure solid wood furniture, in fact, the use of auxiliary materials is another relatively cheap wood, fish eyes mixed. I do not know the details of the buyers often think that the whole furniture is made of this valuable wood, spent a waste of money.