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Wooden Bed Solid Wood Materials Are Used

Sep 26, 2017

Wooden Bed Solid wood materials are used

Solid wood furniture analysis

Today's furniture market, hundreds of varieties. Dazzling array of furniture products, exposure to which consumers really can not start, it is difficult to share what is pure solid wood furniture, which is imitation wood, which is solid wood veneer furniture, and which is the plate furniture. From the material even more difficult to distinguish. Wood House small series to some of the relevant information on solid wood furniture were integrated to facilitate access to friends door. Incomplete place, but also hope that everyone added.

First, solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture is made of natural wood furniture, furniture, the surface can generally see the real texture of wood. It not only includes people's impression of mahogany furniture, there are many other solid wood materials used to make furniture. Currently on the market there are two kinds of solid wood furniture, one is pure solid wood furniture, furniture, all the timber are solid wood, including the desktop, the cabinet door, side panels are made of pure solid wood, do not use any other form of man-made board. Pure solid wood furniture on the process and material requirements are high, solid wood selection, drying, finger, patchwork and other requirements are very strict. If a process which is not strict, small cracking, combined with the phenomenon of loosening, large pieces of furniture deformation, as well as can not be used. The other is the imitation of solid wood furniture, that is, from the appearance of wood natural texture, feel and color and solid wood furniture exactly the same, but in fact the combination of solid wood and wood-based panels made of furniture, such as side panels, shelves, Vinylboard or medium density fibreboard, doors and drawers are made of solid wood. This process saves the wood and reduces the cost. So the price is more acceptable. Second, solid wood furniture (pure solid wood furniture) Advantages and disadvantages:

Solid wood furniture (pure solid wood furniture) The main advantage is that all materials are not re-processed natural materials, do not use any furniture made of wood furniture. Style simple and natural, relatively more environmentally friendly raw materials to meet the people return to nature of the psychological wood furniture, the most important drawback is easy to deformation, maintenance more difficult. Such as can not let the sun direct exposure, not overcooling too hot, too dry and humid environment on the solid wood furniture are not appropriate; if not used in the attention, frequent switching air conditioning caused by changes in temperature and humidity is too large, even qualified solid wood furniture products Sometimes there will be deformation, cracking the phenomenon; can be said that no matter what kind of wood, work how elegant, it is difficult to avoid these problems. In addition, solid wood furniture is usually used adhesives, finished products generally can not be demolished, moving is not very convenient.