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Wooden Cabinet Custom Editing

Jul 13, 2017

Wooden Cabinet Custom editing

Custom editing

To understand the solid wood wardrobe to build, first to wardrobe where the need to find out, you are prepared to create a wardrobe in the entrance to do your beautiful cloakroom or need a large shoe, or you want to build for the bedroom A row of closets, you need to build the wardrobe according to the size and the actual use you need. At the same time, you need to consider the whole space to decide the interior frame of the wardrobe, and if it is placed at the entrance, Move the door to reduce the obstacles caused by the door, these things do not have a good consideration, to be able to start to prepare the closet, made out of the wardrobe can be used by us.

At the same time, in some corners, or some bedroom, the wardrobe is also used as a cut off, the general use of partition, all belong to the space of the larger house, this time we can put the wardrobe to the top of the style, Large, place to accommodate more, but also look better to see some, but do the top floor style wardrobe must have a good lighting, if the light is too dark, will undoubtedly make part of the light does not come in, is not conducive to our usual room use.

Choose the needs of people wardrobe, we have to prepare to build the size of the wardrobe, and each kind of wardrobe size will be different, the most important thing is to according to their own needs and the degree of beauty to see the size of the wardrobe, we can first Reference to the size of each finished wardrobe, according to their own home to compare the actual situation, so out of the wardrobe can be more beautiful. Under normal circumstances, if we choose to do is the overall wardrobe, it is generally a single cabinet surface width is about 0.8 meters, and the height of two meters two, in the deep into the deep, we have to consider the installation of mobile doors or Ye door, the general if the installation of mobile doors, into the depth of the need for 0.65 meters, and if we want to install the hinge door, to set aside a part of the length to install the hinge door, you only need zero M, under normal circumstances, we are playing counter, it is best not to be less than these sizes, to prevent the time to play out the overall wardrobe does not look good, but also may appear clothes and cabinet or cabinet often dawdle The

How to choose solid wood wardrobe material, solid wood wardrobe material We can buy ready-made solid wood in the market, after cutting the use of experienced carpenters will be directly to the solid wood to find the factory cutting, and then use their own shavings, generally in our Of the home decoration, the purchase of solid wood on it. Of course, solid wood and solid wood in the price and quality is also very different, we can according to their own economic strength and demand to choose. Refer to some of our favorite brand wardrobe to follow the build is a good choice, and can be added in the internal we want some of the settings. Wardrobe to create a good, that is, the next order and brush varnish, and these are not difficult for the carpenter master, but in the closet on the door, you want to pursue a more beautiful effect, it is best to choose to buy in the market. We can go to some of the renovation case to choose the wardrobe.

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The quality of the process, the price of solid wood, a direct impact on the level of solid wood furniture prices. So choose solid wood furniture, first look at the material. Such as mahogany, different tree prices are different. Such as rosewood relatively speaking, the price is better than rosewood. Red beech, imported red beech prices will be much higher than the domestic red beech. Another white oak, maple, teak, ash, oak, elm and Zamu class. The higher the grade of solid wood used, the better the process, the higher the price of its furniture. Generally speaking, in terms of price, the same kind of wood, all solid wood furniture prices are much higher than the price of imitation wood wood and wood-based panel furniture. But some excellent workmanship, style, novelty plate furniture prices may also be far more than the rough rough solid wood furniture prices.