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Wooden Cabinet Features And Instructions

May 27, 2017

 Wooden Cabinet Solid wood wardrobe is made of raw materials on the use of wood made of. Modern society, with the increasing quality of life, people gradually began to pursue the "green" home environment, the same is the furniture, its "health and environmental protection" performance has gradually become the focus of attention.


1, health and environmental protection: solid wood wardrobe because of its use to avoid excessive use of some adhesives, health and environmental performance above the more superior;

2, durable: the authority of the survey shows that the life of solid wood furniture is ordinary board wood furniture more than four to five times;

3, modeling exquisite: solid wood wardrobe can achieve some of the wooden cabinet can not achieve the shape, such as carving;

4, Unlimited Style: Solid wood wardrobe is not subject to style restrictions

  Pay attention to environmental protection and quality of today, solid wood wardrobe swept the moment. However, solid wood furniture, there are many different kinds of wood, to understand the solid wood material, in order to correctly choose their own wardrobe.

White pine

Material soft and soft, flexible, fine structure and uniform, dry and good, water, corrosion, processing, finishing, coloring good adhesion. White pine than high strength.

Korean pine

Material soft and soft, moderate strength, good drying, water, corrosion, processing, finishing, coloring, good cementing.


Material slightly heavy hard, fine structure, strength, processing, finishing, good glue.


Material is very soft, thick structure, cut the water surface is not smooth, dry and good, not cracked.


Material slightly soft, slightly structured, silk silk luster, easy to crack, processing, finishing, coloring, good cementing. Not rotten, dry slightly warped.


Wooden Cabinet Hard material, strong structure, high strength, difficult processing, coloring, finishing good, poor glue, easy to dry, easy to crack.


Moderate weight, fine structure, easy processing, smooth cutting surface, finishing, good glue, dry when there is warping phenomenon.


Hard material, texture, medium structure, corrosion-resistant with, not easy to dry, smooth cutting surface, finishing, good glue.

  Wooden Cabinet Terms and Conditions

1, daily cleaning in solid wood wardrobe, just use a clean soft cloth can be wiped; if the face of the wardrobe when there is dirty, you can choose to use a damp cloth stained with soap or neutral detergent to wipe But not too much force;

2, the usual use of the process, to avoid hard objects and sharp weapon injury or scratch wardrobe cabinet or door;

3, the new buy back the solid wood wardrobe, you should open the door ventilation, or in the cabinet board placed some tea, so that some of the smell as soon as possible;

4, if you encounter a humid climate season, often open the closet can ventilation, or in the corner of the wardrobe placed some desiccant to prevent excessive moisture caused clothing moldy;

5, after a period of use, in the wardrobe after a thorough cleaning, can be marked on the surface of a layer of wax, on the one hand can make the wardrobe bright as new, on the other hand can effectively extend the life of the wardrobe.