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Wooden Cabinet Moisture Maintenance

Oct 18, 2017

Wooden Cabinet Moisture maintenance

Encountered in the rainy days, especially in the south of the weather, may encounter the case of the home wardrobe moldy situation, once the home wardrobe moldy, it is necessary to timely treatment, so that mildew more serious, resulting in wardrobe damage, then, when When the wardrobe moldy, how to do it? Teach you a few ways: First, the mold into our home, will lead to some respiratory diseases, in order to prevent this situation, you can put some desiccant in the closet, can suck away the excess moisture in the closet, so that wardrobe more dry. At the same time, we can put some orange peel in the closet, but also be able to receive the effect of flavor and environmental protection, but also pay attention to the window ventilation and ventilation. After we usually use the wet mop to finish, but also pay attention to window ventilation.

Second, the air is easy to mold mild, then we can put some fresh lime at home, not only can effectively prevent the wet, and the effectiveness of disinfection. If the moisture in the closet is too heavy, you can put the tungsten bulb in the closet, open it in the wet, can effectively reduce the moisture in the closet, keep the wardrobe dry.

Third, the wardrobe moldy, we must first pay attention to the place where the long mold clean, generally can be wiped with dry paper towels, or brush with a dry brush, the moldy place to clean up. If the brush is not clean, wipe with a damp cloth on the line, often can be very easy to remove moldy.

Fourth, if you find a mold, in addition to the mold with a cloth to clean, we also need to brush again in the above varnish, so that it can effectively prevent the long mold. Mold is mostly caused by the paint problem, so we can also use the rain forest after cleaning, and then clean the cloth with a clean cloth. Spring has just blown, "back to the South" seems to have followed. As the temperature gradually picked up, the air humidity increased, we gradually felt the fog filled the atmosphere. One to return to the south, the indoor easy due to warm and humid air and the occurrence of "water" phenomenon, resulting in wet, not only clothing is not easy to dry, household goods are also easy to mold damage. At this point, as a daily use of furniture products, wardrobe in advance of moisture maintenance is particularly important. For the wardrobe itself can take the moisture measures:

1, in the purchase of a backplane, separated from the wall of the wardrobe, you can effectively avoid excessive moisture infiltration. If the home has been purchased without a backlash wardrobe, back to the south when the wardrobe can be moved to a certain distance from the wall, not next to the wall.

2, the purchase of a cabinet or a high floor of the wardrobe, otherwise you can return to the south of the wardrobe at the bottom of the installation of waterproof mats to strengthen the moisture-proof function.

It is said that when installing the wardrobe in the back and the bottom of the paste Zhenzhu Mian is also a good moisture-proof measures, not to install the closet of small partners may wish to try.

Tips for moisture-proofing from the outside world:

1, if aware of the coming back to the south, to close the doors and windows in time to reduce the outdoor warm and humid air into the indoor wardrobe doors of course, should be closed to prevent moisture invasion of clothing.