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Wooden Cabinet Natural Texture

Oct 27, 2017

Wooden Cabinet Natural texture

With the progress of the times, more and more multifunctional products appear in the various families. For example: bedroom furniture brand overall wardrobe. It not only for our clothing to provide a place, but also makes the bedroom space looks more bright and clean.

Bedroom furniture brand plate is the most important part of the composition of solid wood particles, plant fiber and other components, if this part is not environmentally friendly and healthy, and that this plate is naturally not talk about environmental protection and health.

See the degree of environmental protection glue

There is no problem with the plate itself, it depends on whether the environmental protection of the glue. The plates are processed, and then bonded with glue, glue the degree of environmental protection and thickness to a certain extent, also determines the environmental performance of the plate. Judgment criteria is to see whether the manufacturers have no formaldehyde glue and the detection of free formaldehyde content of sheet metal.

Bedroom furniture brand cabinet door thickness is full of thick, high enough height. Sliding doors with the wood, the best choice 10mm or 12mm thick sheet, use strong, stable, durable; slightly worse will use 8mm thick, it is relatively thin, frivolous. Door height is determined whether the installation to the ceiling, requiring a single plate height of 2.8 meters above the ceiling.

Whether the door and the border are uniform and uniform. Front-line brand door frame, door from the same manufacturers, the color lines can be achieved consistent, supporting unity. And miscellaneous wardrobe is often patchwork, can only find similar color plate. First, the natural environmental protection, which is the biggest feature of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture in the processing of the production process, and those of wood-based panel furniture, compared with the amount of glue is quite small. The amount of plastic with the impact of the environmental impact of the level of furniture. And solid wood furniture are used in natural wood, so that more environmentally friendly.

Second, pure solid wood furniture hedge function. At the same time to bring the home environment to bring the "forest atmosphere", which is popular in the high-end consumers welcome. Its advantage is to reflect the natural: natural texture, changing shape, the furniture surface can generally see the beautiful wood pattern

Three. Long life, usually about 9 times the other plate furniture, can use 20 to 30 years or so, save the good or even longer. (For example: before the old furniture used for hundreds of years have)

Fourth, the solid wood puzzle paint, the surface is not Patchwork and slats of the uneven phenomenon, which is everyone's misunderstanding, it refers to the section of the eight slot cards are solid. But also in the long-term use of the physical properties of the very good. So in the use and texture of color, pure solid wood puzzle decorative plate is more suitable for the use of furniture and decorative features.