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Wooden Cabinet Natural Wood Color

Jul 27, 2017

Wooden Cabinet Natural wood color

Want to buy a fit for their own wardrobe first of all from the cabinet material selection, and now the market is more common wardrobe materials are solid wood, MDF, particleboard, in addition to solid wood, the other is artificial plate. So, wardrobe in the end should choose what material, solid wood wardrobe ok? In fact, solid wood wardrobe is better, solid wood wardrobe with a natural wood color, unique feel and charming taste, many people will pursue solid wood furniture. Solid wood wardrobe in addition to all aspects of the different, its quality is the best, many families with a solid wood wardrobe can be used for decades and no damage. Compared to other wardrobes use a lot of glue and paint, solid wood wardrobe is clearly more environmentally friendly, beneficial to people's physical and mental health. In addition, solid wood wardrobe shape more beautiful, solid wood wardrobe can achieve some of the wooden cabinet can not achieve the shape, such as carving and so on. Solid wood wardrobe is not subject to style restrictions, it is the most special.

There are a lot of people think that solid wood wardrobe is more expensive, cost is not high, in fact, this view is a problem, if casually buy a poor quality wardrobe, with a few years on the bad, re-buy a wardrobe would not spend more innocent money? We use furniture to be practical and safe and environmentally friendly, if you use other relatively poor wardrobe, inhalation of harmful gases will make people more likely to get sick. Therefore, the home Xiaobian recommend that you choose the solid wood wardrobe, good brand

First of all, want to choose a good green wardrobe, the brand is essential, a good brand for the quality of the wardrobe has a better protection. In general, large brands of wardrobes will not use harmful substances to produce wardrobes, they have a strict production process. From the open material, edge, row drilling, coating, sliding door processing, special-shaped processing, quality inspection, assembly, cleaning, packaging, storage and transportation, the entire production process is more stringent. In general, it is recommended to use a similar brand such as home, worthy of consumers choose to trust.


Good closet can not be separated from a good plate material, choose a good quality sheet, a wardrobe can be used for decades and can not be damaged. Now most of the wardrobe is the use of solid wood particle board and MDF, these plates less volatile gas, the health of the human body is small. If you buy a wardrobe when not bad money, it is recommended to buy solid wood production wardrobe, solid wood wardrobe is now the most popular, looks good, impeccable quality. First, personalized custom, highlight the artistic taste

Custom-made wardrobe according to the needs of users, personalized custom belongs to your wardrobe, in the custom time will consider the entire home decoration style, bedroom size and other factors, because the good wardrobe highlights the master's taste and cultivation.

As the wardrobe brand - home said, furniture is not just an ornament, but represents the modern way of life and attitude. Quality improvement can rely on the outside world to upgrade themselves, but the home environment is the need to start from every detail.

Second, environmental protection and customization, highlight the concept of environmental health and health

  Customized wardrobe brand in the production process is very particular about, whether from the selection or edge, each process to ensure product quality at the same time, but also to ensure that the product of environmental protection, care for each consumer's physical and mental health.