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Wooden Cabinet Raw Material

Aug 10, 2017

Wooden Cabinet Raw material

Wardrobe is essential for every family, and is an important member of the family of furniture. It not only for the owner's life to provide a great convenience, more is the quality of home life and taste. Then how should we choose a wardrobe, we are below the current wardrobe market, the most common solid wood wardrobe as an example to see the wardrobe to buy what needs to pay attention to it?

Solid wood wardrobe is the main component of sheet metal and hardware accessories, functional accessories. And which accounted for the board of the entire solid wood wardrobe 90% or more, so the solid wood wardrobe sheet directly affect the wardrobe is good or bad.

Wardrobe, the first home custom wood wardrobe brand, opened up the domestic high-end wardrobe market, a lot of wood wardrobe business fancy cashmere ward of the profits, have joined the original wardrobe to test the water, but many of them have failed In the end, there are few examples of success. Wardrobe has always been to the general want to join the original wardrobe industry wardrobe business to remind the following four points:

1, the raw material of the current domestic market is more easy to bulk purchase of the plate wood species only rubber wood, pine, which is more difficult to purchase wood species, and these two easy to purchase the wood is not a good raw material for the manufacture of wooden wardrobe. The wardrobe is not the plight of this, they have this large timber reserves of the warehouse, and the storage of wood are mainly the production of wooden wardrobe high-quality wood species, of which there are many rare wood species.

2, production capacity

The production of the veneer closet is complicated, and this leads to a longer production cycle of the veneer custom closet, low productivity, which also makes the general business discouraged. Only from the promotion of the wardrobe's own production capacity, from the technology, equipment, personnel, technology and other aspects to improve.

3, low quality semi-finished products

Another big problem is that the processing of logs for a wardrobe business process has a high level of requirements, many wardrobe business raw materials drying treatment failed, resulting in deformation cracking, and the general business has no way to bear the waste of semi-finished products waste Of the cost, and the use of failed semi-finished products to reduce the loss, a direct result of the quality of the original wardrobe ward workers greatly reduced.