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Wooden Cabinet Solid Wood Materials

Sep 15, 2017

Wooden Cabinet Solid wood materials

Solid wood furniture made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood panels, the surface of the coated furniture; or in such substrates using solid wood veneer or veneer (veneer) veneer, and then finishing the processing of furniture. Solid wood sheet refers to the material, Glulam and other wood through the secondary processing shape

Into the solid wood materials.

    In the domestic furniture market, many businesses advocate solid wood furniture refers to the framework of solid wood furniture, such as table, door, side panels, partitions, floor, etc. may be wood-based panels, consumers need special attention! Purchase must be valued brand solid wood furniture, especially the bedroom furniture brand.

    China's solid wood furniture market for the amount of precious wood, far more than the total amount of trees in China, for the protection of forest resources, China's forestry sector on the cutting of the increasingly stringent audit, while China's timber import channels with the major timber producing countries plus Big limit and blocked. At present, I am

Country wood supply is very tight, raw material prices skyrocketing, some solid wood furniture has come to the "clever woman difficult for rice without straw" situation, so with poor wood as a furniture frame, and then paste the practice of high quality solid wood veneer is quite common.

    Modern Chinese style furniture will become a new hotspot in consumption. Modern Chinese furniture takes into account the traditional connotation and modern form. It is elegant and elegant in style. It is in line with the aesthetic taste of most Chinese and has high quality material and rich color combination. Meet the consumer elegance

And the pursuit of taste. In this regard, many furniture manufacturers on the prospects of modern Chinese furniture market is quite promising. In the market solid wood furniture is the main source of wood is peach wood, teak, mahogany, walnut john wood, Begonia wood, ash, northeast of elm, lordis, camphor, basswood, birch, color wood, beech, cherry Pineapple, red sandalwood, cedar, yew, red pine, oak, yellow pineapple, walnut, Schima superba, rosewood, Melia azedarach, red spring, jujube and so on.

    Solid wood furniture surface can generally see the real texture of wood, simple and calm, occasional tree surface also reflects the fresh and natural material, both natural and no chemical pollution, solid wood furniture is not only fashionable and healthy, modern city people Advocate the choice of nature furniture. Solid wood furniture, high-end style is a lot of friends pursued in the purchase of brand solid wood furniture, the more worried about is how to identify the authenticity and now identify solid wood furniture, wood. Here we come to understand what consumers buy brand solid wood furniture, what precautions.