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Wooden Cabinet The Decorative Pattern On The Main Surface

Sep 04, 2017

Wooden Cabinet The decorative pattern on the main surface

Ask two to see three knock four smell. According to the existence of a mixed phenomenon in the real wood wardrobe market, how should consumers choose the real wood wardrobe? Experts have listed several key steps for consumers. First, make sure that the wardrobe is "solid wood" and where the density board is used; Second, look at the surface of the main material such as cupboard door, side board, scar is inside and outside corresponding, when necessary buckle a button to see whether the surface is put up. With the hand to knock on the wood, the solid wood makes a more crisp sound, while the artificial plate is low. The last and most important thing is to smell the wardrobe. Most solid wood has the aroma of tree species, pine has no flavor of pine, bai has no light fragrance, camphor has no obvious camphor flavor... But fibrous board, density board can have stronger pungent smell, especially in cabinet door or drawer, the two are easy to distinguish. If you want to know whether the wardrobe is real, avoid being cheated, and spend a lot of money. You must start with the knowledge of real wood closet. Currently on the market there are two kinds of solid wood wardrobe is roughly: one kind is pure solid wood wardrobe, wardrobe all material is solid wood, including cupboard door, side plate are made of pure real wood, do not use any other form of man-made board. Which is in the majority with real wood joining together into a solid wood wardrobe, mainly based on the real blocks without defect of real wood plank is very rare, made of pure natural solid wood chest is also expensive. Another is imitation solid wood wardrobe, that is, look from the appearance of the natural grain of lumber, handle and colour and lustre and solid wood wardrobe identical, but is actually made of solid wood and man-made board chest, framework USES the real wood, side panel, shelf, etc used two sub-companies named seaport overlaid particleboard and medium density fiberboard (MDF).

There are three main categories of "fake solid wood" in the market. The first is the most common: a layer of solid wood pasted on the surface of the wardrobe, which looks very much like a solid wood closet, but with a shorter lifespan than a solid wood wardrobe. This is the most common form of forgery and is relatively easy to identify. Because it is a surface, the surface of the wardrobe is clear but irregular, the front and back of the wardrobe are not corresponding. When consumers are buying, they can easily be identified by observing them carefully.

The second kind of practice is that the "finger plate" that will be processed by the deep processing of solid wood is made of solid wood closet, and then it can be more deceitful in appearance. Some businessmen use the famous head of a precious wood chest, sell what is called pure solid wood chest, actually auxiliary material use is another kind of relatively cheap wood, fish dragon mixed bead. The buyer often thinks that the whole wardrobe is made of this precious wood and costs money.

And the third category is the more recent tricks in the market that consumers can barely detect. This kind of negative and positive chest refers to meet different grain, even refers to pick up the position of the grain is not corresponding, negative and positive trick is timber processing is thin refers to the plate, the plate is in the center of all kinds of plywood or various scraps of wood.