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Wooden Cabinet Wardrobe Material

Sep 26, 2017

Wooden Cabinet Wardrobe material

Wardrobe is one of the most important furniture products in our bedroom, especially for women, having a perfect wardrobe is something to be happy. Then the custom wardrobe ok? What are the custom wardrobe materials? With Xiaobian together to understand it

Custom Wardrobe Material - High Density Board

There are many custom wardrobe materials, of which high density board is one of the custom wardrobe materials. High density board is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, after cooking it will be ground into a small fiber and then add the right amount of adhesive, in a certain pressure and pressure to suppress the pressure, so that the custom out of the wardrobe Material strength, high density, high density board has become the main material of custom wardrobe.

Custom Wardrobe Material - Particle Board

Particle board, in fact, we usually see the particleboard. Particleboard in the production of wood is processed into small particles for particle processing, and then add the right amount of adhesive, but also under a certain pressure and temperature to suppress, so that the density of the particles produced is not very high, the strength of comparison Small, than the high density board to be worse, but the price of particles will be relatively cheap. Custom Wardrobe Material - Melamine Board

Melamine board is that we often see, many furniture are used in the production of melamine board, we also call it wood-based panels. In the production process, the first melamine cardboard directly pressed in the Baowei white and density board made of. However, melamine board should be divided into E1 and E2 level, which is a sign of its formaldehyde emission.

Custom Wardrobe Material - MDF

MDF is also known as the MDF, we choose the MDF is mainly to check whether the quality of qualified, environmental compliance, which is very important. In general, the professional wardrobe custom manufacturers are selected in line with national testing standards of environmental protection sheet, in the choice of custom wardrobe material when the first look at the business there is no national authority of the testing department of the plate test report or the relevant test certificate, the general Have to reach E1 level or more.

Custom wardrobe material - solid wood

Solid wood is a custom wardrobe material in the most environmentally friendly one, solid wood material is divided into many kinds, of which: elm. Oak, oak, teak, pine, white pine, linden wood, ash, birch, peach core wood, gold Phoebe, etc., each kind of solid wood material has different characteristics. But each kind of solid wood materials are very environmentally friendly, then we need according to their own preferences for solid wood custom wardrobe material to make a choice.