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Wooden Cabinet Wood Processing Technology

Jul 01, 2017

Wooden Cabinet Wood processing technology

Operation process 1, the process: to find the line positioning → box, rack installation → closet, partitions, fulcrum installation → wall (hanging) cabinet installation → hardware installation 2, looking for line positioning: plaster before the use of indoor uniform elevation line, According to the design and construction drawings required cabinet, hanging cabinet elevation and upper and lower mouth height, taking into account the relationship between plaster thickness, to determine the appropriate location. 3, box, rack installation: closet, hanging cabinet box and frame should be carried out before the indoor plastering, installed in the correct position, the two sides of each frame fixed two nails and wall wood brick nails, nails The cap is not exposed. If the partition wall is aerated concrete or lightweight partition wall, the design requirements should be fixed. If the design is no requirement can be pre-drilling Φ5mm hole, deep 70-100mm, and in advance in the hole embedded in the wood wedge adhesive glue glue 107, into the hole after the bond firmly installed fixed cabinet. The use of steel cabinet, the need to install the hole in the location of the fixed frame embedded iron parts, the welding of the pieces of solid. In the frame, frame fixed, you should first correct, set, hanging straight, check the elevation, size, accurate and then fixed. Fourth, the cabinet installation points

Find the line positioning: the use of indoor uniform elevation line, according to the design and construction drawings required cabinet height and upper and lower mouth height, to determine the appropriate location. 2, in the cabinet before the first set of sets, hanging straight, check the elevation, size, location accurate, fixed. 3, hardware installation: the variety of hardware, specifications, the number of design requirements selected, the installation of attention to the choice of location, no specific size, the installation according to design requirements. General should first install the model, confirmed after a large area to install. 5, cabinet acceptance content 1, the size, elevation vertical, door and frame parallelism of the data indicators to meet the regulatory requirements 2, perception inspection: handle, cabinet and table no scratches; cut should be straight , The patch should be tight; doors, drawers and other push and pull, open flexible; surface smooth, clean, consistent color, no cracks, warping and damage; finished product protection by "finished product protection standards."

Wooden cabinet class members: Shen Jin, Wang show a, the main cabinet is divided into fixed and active, fixed into the wall cabinet, bank counters, etc .; activities are mainly TV cabinets, bedside cabinets, filing cabinets, showcase, etc. The Many cabinet furniture with two or three-stage structure, the upper and lower sections to the main closure, the middle to open the main, most of the cabinet to the main structure of the board.

The advantages of solid wood cabinets, such as: high-end beautiful, natural lines, giving back to the feeling of nature; environmental pollution, light and hard, durable and so on. These basic we all know, but the traditional solid wood cabinet gives the impression is usually immutable, single color, simple shape.

With the development of wood processing technology, today's solid wood cabinets have become colorful. Style and details have more changes, such as carving, grille to join, so that the door is more out of color, the cabinet has become more type, in the processing of lace and paint the color is also more fine.

Therefore, the solid wood cabinet now represents not only classical but also fashion, which is generally favored by high-end customers is a natural thing.