Solid Beech Pine Wood Cabinet With 8 Chests of drawers

Key features - Of course your home should be a safe place for the entire family. That’s why a safety fitting is included so that you can attach the chest of drawers to the wall. - Made of solid wood, which is a hardwearing and warm natural material. - If you oil, wax, lacquer or stain the untreated solid wood surface it will be more durable and easy to care for. - Smooth running drawer with pull-out stop.

Product Details

Quick details:

Basematerial: solid beech, solid pine

Product dimensions

Width: 110 cm

Depth: 50 cm

Height: 130 cm

This product requires assembly

Product show:

Solid Beech Pine Wood Cabinet With 8 Chests of drawers

Designer thoughts:

Both the simple design and the untreated wood are typical furniture tradition. 

We wanted to show our roots and create a modern, airy design. 

We think it's nice to be able to feel the natural material just as it is. 

The wood is beautiful in its own right and it's also renewable. 

And because you can stain or paint it without further treatment. 

In that way, the design becomes a collaboration between us and the person who decorates it.

Product features:

1.Simple shape. The shape of this cabinet is very simple and the lines are also simple. In addition, it is made of high-quality solid wood and exquisite craftsmanship, so it is very beautiful and can make your storage well organized;

2.The corners are polished. The corners are polished in multiple steps, so they are very smooth, which can effectively protect your hands;

3.Clear texture. After many processes of cutting and polishing, the surface texture is clear and natural and beautiful;

4.Large capacity storage. Deeper storage design allows you to have more space to store your things to keep the room clean and tidy;

5.Easy to handle, pull freely.